‘Sh-tcoin conference’: Bitcoin conference gets negative reviews

Mark Slapinski


As thousands of Bitcoin enthusiasts are gathering in Florida for the Miami Bitcoin 2022 conference, many people are complaining the conference isn’t living up to expectations.

The most common complaint is that speakers have been promoting “shitcoins” – defined by Investopedia as a cryptocurrency with little to no value or a digital currency that has no immediate, discernible purpose.

The events is billed as a four-day pilgrimage for those seeking greater freedom and individual sovereignty. It includes celebrity speakers such as Jordan Peterson and Peter Thiel.

However, attendees are complaining that the main focus is not Bitcoin, leading some feeling cheated, and many others wanting a refund.

The negative experiences were outlined in a Reddit thread. One person wrote,

“Every panel has just been shitcoin shillers, it’s horrible. They even brought on Ryan Selkis on, who said the 21 million cap wasn’t real.

This conference is just soulless corporate shills making one giant attack on Bitcoin. This isn’t our conference, it’s the shitcoiner conference.”

A quick search on Twitter and Reddit turns up dozens of similar reviews.

It’s a shame that 1000s of people spent $1000s just to realize they didn’t get what they paid for. This also highlights how the crypto world is full of scams, and people need to be careful about what they get themselves into.

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